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Refunds and returns Policy is committed to providing the best possible shopping experience for its customers. In order to achieve this, We have a return and refund policy in place. This policy allows customers to return items within 30 days of receiving them, as long as the items are in new and unused condition.

Return and Refund Steps

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item within 30 days of receiving it. The item must be in new and unused condition. Please note that shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  1. To start the return process, please contact our customer service team at Email: and we will give you a return warehouse address.
  2. Return the goods to the return warehouse address. Please note: returned merchandise must be unopened and unused, and shipping costs will be borne by the customer (For exceptions, please see the “Support Free Return Reason” section).
  3. The refund is expected to be returned to the customer’s original account within 2 working days after the returned goods arrive at the return warehouse.
  4. Refunds and return shipping costs for items supported for free returns will be refunded to the customer’s original account within 2 business days after the return shipment arrives at the return warehouse.

Support Free Return Reason

Arrived Damaged
If your product is damaged on the way, it’s our obligation except damaged by people. When your product is broken, you need to send us the broken product photos.
Please note: Damage caused by the courier company is not covered by the free return and refund service.

Missing Part
If your product parts are a detective or missing, we can send you the replacement parts for you or partially refund you first, if your product’s parts are infecting your product function. You can’t repair it by yourself or the local technique person, and we will consider replacing a new item with you.
Please note: Lost packages or accessories caused by courier companies are not included in the free return and refund service.

Wrong Item Sent
If you received our product not the same as the product listing obviously, you could send the product photos to us; we will return them to you.

Doesn’t Work or Defective?
When you received a product that does not work, you can ask our customer service for the problem; we will give you the related technical reply; if it does still not work, you can ask for a free return.

Not Support The Free Return

Arrived too Late
If you wait for the product for a long time and don’t want it, we apologize for the situation that occurred. Our products are shipped with a query number, you can query the current location of the package and estimate the arrival time. You cannot return and refund.

Don’t Want It
If you have already received the item, but changed your mind and don’t want it anymore. Order it by mistake, change minds, or the price has changed. You cannot return and refund.

Doesn’t Seem Authentic?
Our products are all new, and you can also search for them on other platforms.

Doesn’t Fit
If the size of the product you received is not fit, you can first contact us to provide a suitable solution due to the reason caused by us.

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